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My research activities include various aspects related to computational intelligence (CI). In details I'm interested in:

  • rule-based systems: prototype-based rules, crisp rules, decision trees, fuzzy rules, rule extraction from trained models
  • feature extraction and selection: search-based methods, feature ranking methods, PCA, ICA, FDA, etc.
  • statistical and kernel methods: SVM, sparse Bayesian methods (RVM), reduced set methods
  • neural networks: RBF, SOM, LVQ, MLP
  • clustering: hierarchical, minimizing some scalar cost function (HCM, FCM, PCM), neural approach (SOM), statistical clustering (Gaussian Mixture Models)
  • meta-learning, classifier committees, parameter selection methods
  • data preprocessing: discretization, feature type transformation (symbolic ⇒ continuous), etc.
  • applications of CI in the industry (fault detection, estimation of parameters of industrial processes, application in energy systems, scheduling of industrial processes, routing problems etc.)
  • applications of CI in the environmental sciences
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