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Grid Computing

Recently one of the projects being under the development is the Grid Manager project. It as a tool for advanced monitoring of computer grid using web technologies. The aims of the project is to allow remotely using web-technologies:

  • visualization of the compute nodes activity (CPU,HDD, Network utilizatino etc.)
    • in the future it is planed to add JMX features to visualize Java applications visualization
  • manual and automatic remote compute node management including starting, stopping, hibernating the remote system
  • remote command line execution
  • WWW based administration
  • All features are user rights dependent
  • open structure allowing future extension of the system
  • all (server and clients side) based on Java technologies

The web page of the project: (includes source code) Current developers:

  • Dariusz Jagiełło (Developer of the core of the system - server and client side)
  • Bartłomiej Tórz (Responsible of the www side of the project)
  • Printable version
  • Tell by mail
  • Export to OpenOffice
  • Export to PDF
  • Export to csv
  • Export to Timeline
  • Add page to book
  • Tools:
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