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CS for Kids

List of websites and tools for kids to learns programing: * MSDN Development for Beginners, Kids Corner is an interesting resource from Microsoft for teaching children. Some of the tutorials mentioned above are from this MSDN resource.

  • Teach Kids To Program is a site focused on teaching kids programming using games.
  • Alice is one of the most highly recommended programming environments for kids. There is a Storytelling version that is geared towards middle school education as well as the base version for high school and college.
  • Logo is one of the oldest teaching languages and it has evolved into many things. There are Windows versionsMac versions and plenty of tutorials available through some simple Google searching. LCSI Microworlds is one of the more advanced (and commercial) options available.
  • Phrogram (previously known as KPL) is another often recommended environment. It has grown from being child-focused to being a general purpose environment based on .NET.
  • Scratch is a programming language developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab that allows you to create interactive stories, animations and games. This is another popular recommendation with a lot of information and tutorials available.
  • Colobot (Colonize With Bots) sounds like another interesting option. The Wikipedia page explains the education portion of the game, “The main feature of the game which makes it educational is the ability of the player to program his robots using a programming language similar to C++ or Java
  • Terrarium is another graphical environment and game, which was developed by the .NET team. It is not focused on children, but it is considered a learning environment for .NET. Lego Mindstorms are robots that have interfaces and projects in various languages. This is a cool concept because you can easily craft a program to control the robot. It definitely keeps people interested, and there is a ton of information available.
  • Stagecast Creator was recommended several times, specifically when targeting younger, preteen children. The biggest reason kids will like it is that they can build games using the environment.
  • ToonTalk “Making programming child’s play”, is an animated world where kids solve challenging questions. Interestingly, it is one of the few resources translated into several languages.
  • GameMaker is not targeted towards children, but is a game building application that does not require you to write code. Given the non-code basis, it was recommend several times as a good way of learning programming while keeping kids interested.
  • Interactive fiction is something that I remember fondly, and Inform the most popular interactive fiction language,  is still being used. It is based on natural language, so it could be easier to learn than other code based languages.
  • Learn to Program a book by Chris Pine has been recommended several times and is one of the few books recommended at all.
  • Greenfoot Project a simple and nice visual game programming tool. Looks very intuitive and simple to learn.

The source of the above is here

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