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HPC and Grid Computing

Cloud Computing

  • Draft NIST Working Definition of Cloud Computing by Peter Mell and Tim Grance - National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), here

HPC tools


  • CUDA - Environment and C compiler for HPC applications utilizing modern multi-core GPU procesors.
  • GPULib - Library provides support and utilization of GPU based on nVidias CUDA technology. GPULib can be used with Matlab or IDL. Free for academic use.
  • HPC- Cuda - High-Performance CUDA programming - tutorials and samples of CUDA programming

Parallel programming

  • OpenMP - OpenMP is an easy way to apply parallel programming in shared memory systems for C,C++ and Fortran languages
  • OpenMPI - open implementation of Message Passing Interface read more on wiki
  • PVM - Parallel Virtual Machine homepage, read more on wiki

GRID tools

Java Grids

  • AParAPI - A PARallel API, Java API to CUDA/OpenCL - Library provided by AMD, that automatically, on runtime, transforms Java Bytecode into OpenCL code and if available run it on GPU or using Thread pool if no GPU available.
  • Java fork - join - an example of Java 7.0 feature
  • Java fork - join - article on implementation of Java join - fork api
  • Java concurrent - API for Java concurrent programming available since Java 5.0

Java Grids Comparison

Java Grids Frameworks

2008/12/30 12:48

Grid Science

  • Pl-Grid - Grid infrastructure available for scientific purpose (free)
  • - Enabling Grids for E-sciencE (EGEE) - Europe's leading grid computing project

Grid Computer Lectures

Multicore Programing


HPC History

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